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Ultimate Cirrus

Camera Systems & Access Control

Affordable, Hassle Free Video Surveillance for your Home, Store, Restaurant, Hotel or Corporate Offices.

Perfect for your Home and Businesses like yours

World Class Quality Features

Cheap camera system

No Upfront Costs*

Protect your home or business with an easy monthly payment plan from¬† TT$99.99. You don’t have to break your budget to afford our camera system.

Unlimited Warranty

Your peace of mind is our business. We want you to be able to relax and not worry about the technical issues of your camera system. It break we will fix. No Questions Asked.
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CCTV Security Camera

High Definition Night & Day Camera

Best of breed Government approved cameras. High Definition video in the day and night. Catch the bandit red handed and clear. We carry 2MP to 6MP cameras with auto-focus. These are the types used in Casinos.

Off Premises Recording

The Bandits are getting smart. They will now take your video recorders. This puts you at greater risk. With Off-Premises Recording of our camera systems, your security system is bandit proof.
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Mobile and Web Access

24*7 Access to your cameras. Access your cameras from your mobile phone or desktop computer. Keep an eye on your baby and the nanny from anywhere in the world.

Instant Access by Investigators

Support speedy access to the footage by the investigating Police Officer. This can keep you from going to court to face the bandit. Ultimate Cirrus Home Security System is designed with your peace of mind at the centre.
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Our Team is ready to secure your Home/Business.

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